My daughter dedicated her wedding bouquet to me the night of her wedding! It was a beautiful moment that I wanted to capture forever!! I contact Linda two days after the wedding she immediately responded and giving me ideas of what I could do with such a large bouquet! The day after I contacted her she came to pick up the flowers.  Initially I did not realize how much it was going to cost to capture this moment but it was so special that I didn’t care! The way Linda responded I knew it was worth every dollar that I was going to spend and I hadn’t even got my order completed yet! I ended up ordering 2 letters one for me and one to gift back to my daughter for her birthday. When Linda brought the finished letters to me tears just flowed all over again!! Linda is absolutely amazing and I’m so thankful that she was able to capture this moment for our family!! Thank you Linda you very special to us!!!

Andrea Madore - Andrea Madore

I have been a follower of Arizona Blossom Cellar for some time! I’ve had the pleasure of purchasing from this online shop and meeting the owner, Linda, who is very sweet!

I couldn’t be happier with my experience. The dried floral arrangements are beautifully crafted and add a lovely touch to any room. The resin products are unique and showcase true artistry. The candles not only look fantastic but also fill the room with a wonderful fragrance. The gift boxes are thoughtfully curated and make perfect presents for any occasion. Each product I’ve received has been of exceptional quality and smells absolutely amazing. Highly recommend!


Sarah Condon -

I love the ring holders! I have the round floral piece, from Arizona Blossom Cellar, that I display on a plate stand. I placed the 3 piece ring holders on top. It enhanced and completed the desired look I was looking for. Perfection! I just love it! I am impressed by Linda, the creator of these beautiful pieces. Her attention to detail of each flower (real flowers), and the superior materials used,  shows in every piece she produces. Floral preservation is impressive. Thank you Linda for your beautiful creations!

Beth Jacobsen -

Linda did an amazing job with my bridal bouquet!! Despite them being 10 days past my wedding date she was able to save them and make a beautiful clock out of them !! I’m beyond grateful and happy she was able to do this for me. I was so nervous I waited too long and that it was too late. Linda was able to give me what I wanted without any worries. Beautiful work and such a kind human. Thank you Linda! ❤️

Sandra Bradasevic -

Linda is a Gifted Artisan! I first met her at St. Phillips Market Plaza and bought one of her Beautiful Sea Salt & Orchid Botanical candles.  I have become an Enormous fan of her and her work and I have since bought more candles and diffusers. With Linda’s new adventures with acrylics, I have bought a large resin cross and her ring holders. These look Magnificent with light shining through them or wherever you display them. To me, Linda’s creations are Works of Art and I know I will be adding to my collection.

Karen B -