Experience timeless beauty with our exquisite epoxy resin trays adorned with preserved wedding or memorial flowers. Handcrafted to encapsulate delicate blooms in a durable finish, these trays preserve natural splendor for years.

Our wedding flower trays capture romance and elegance, transforming cherished blooms into stunning keepsakes that remind you of your love story. Each petal is encased in crystal-clear resin, creating a mesmerizing display.

For memorial flower trays, we honor loved ones by preserving their favorite blooms in a thoughtful manner, serving as a touching tribute and meaningful addition to any space.

Each tray is a unique work of art, enhancing any décor as a centerpiece or serving piece. Celebrate life’s precious moments with our flower-filled epoxy resin trays, where every bloom tells a story and every tray becomes a cherished treasure.

Options are:

Rectangle: 11 x 14 x 2 inches – $600

Square: 12 x 12 x 2 – $600

Tray with preserved flowers and picture in epoxy resin